Runkel Processing/Proofing Team

A broad file stream bottlenecks with our small number of competent and efficient Processing/Proofing professionals. These folks touch every file in the office from input to delivery - and convert the work product of the search team into final title products.  An abbreviated outline of tasks this Team completes includes coordinating and entering details of all orders; reciting appropriate information from divorce, probate, guardianship and other files; entering necessary details into our system from recorded documents, including legal descriptions, vesting information, tax information and all mortgages, liens and encumbrances; determining and preparing appropriate endorsements and gathering the product and ancillary documents for delivery to customers, and appropriate departments - the closing department, our attorney for document drafting, and other firms for further action. Team members include:  Marilyn Kurtz, Lorie Anderson, Diane Goree, Sue Stoltz, and Kathern Mackiewicz.