Runkel Searching/Examining Team

The process of searching and examining is consistent for all of the products Runkel offers:  title insurance, abstracts, information reports, and highway letters.  The products differ in their coverage of liability and the format in which is information is documented.  Also, the span of years a search covers differs depending on prior searches available.

Runkel personnel conduct in-depth examinations of records in the offices of the Register of Deeds, the Clerk of Courts, the Treasurer and Probate to determine which specific recorded or filed documents concern the parcel of real estate for the product they are working on.  The completed search reveals a list of documents that may apply to the real estate. The searcher then examines the chain of title and determines which documents are necessary for the final project and adapts the information to appropriate requirements of Schedule B1 and exceptions for Schedule BII of title commitments.

Team members include: Bea Kleinschmidt, Candace Johnson, Linda Sherfinski, Marvin Pilgrim, and Connie Stuplich