Our Team

Includes the following teams: Processing, Search, Legal, Closing, and Finals

Our Mission

" Runkel helps industry insiders excel by providing them with as much information as possible about liens and mortgages, ownership, restrictions, taxes, and easements.  The more information they have, the better they can perform.  The experience of our staff gives our clients the edge they need to succeed in this industry - with timely, accurate answers to any question they may have."  Marvin Pilgrim 

Our Team

All our professionals in our Runkel teams have dedication to their work, a keen eye for detail, and a familiarity with our processes which give each insight into potential inaccuracies and conflicts in title matters.  Our professionals are problem solvers and are committed to customer service.

At Runkel Abstract & Title Co., customer service is priority, and it takes great people to create the premier Runkel customer service experience.  Each tidbit of accumulated information is insignificant if not effectively communicated to our customers by qualified and experienced individuals.  Additionally, it is matchless Runkel employee commitment that translates into efficient and accurate service for our customers.

Our Runkel Team is specialized to better serve our customers, as well as our smaller offices within the family of companies.  Each of our offices work together to offer customers a wide network of coverage areas, and opportunities and efficiencies for closing in the location most convenient.

Runkel Team Pilgrim

The Runkel Team starts with Marvin Pilgrim and Mary Jane Pilgrim, owners of the company since 1984.  Mary Jane worked in company bookkeeping from the early days, and was the first Runkel employee to work remotely as she juggled Runkel, often as a second job.  She continues to do so today as special projects arise.  Marvin started with the company in 1971, and continues to search titles of property just as he's been doing for over 45 years.  Marv is an irreplaceable resource for title matters, and his memory of title details is legendary.

Runkel Searching/Examining Team

The process of searching and examining is consistent for all of the products Runkel offers:  title insurance, abstracts, information reports, and highway letters.  The products differ in their coverage of liability and the format in which is information is documented.  Also, the span of years a search covers differs depending on prior searches available.

Runkel personnel conduct in-depth examinations of records in the offices of the Register of Deeds, the Clerk of Courts, the Treasurer and Probate to determine which specific recorded or filed documents concern the parcel of real estate for the product they are working on.  The completed search reveals a list of documents that may apply to the real estate. The searcher then examines the chain of title and determines which documents are necessary for the final project and adapts the information to appropriate requirements of Schedule B1 and exceptions for Schedule BII of title commitments.

Team members include: Bea Kleinschmidt, Candace Johnson, Linda Sherfinski, Marvin Pilgrim, and Connie Stuplich

Runkel Processing/Proofing Team

A broad file stream bottlenecks with our small number of competent and efficient Processing/Proofing professionals. These folks touch every file in the office from input to delivery - and convert the work product of the search team into final title products.  An abbreviated outline of tasks this Team completes includes coordinating and entering details of all orders; reciting appropriate information from divorce, probate, guardianship and other files; entering necessary details into our system from recorded documents, including legal descriptions, vesting information, tax information and all mortgages, liens and encumbrances; determining and preparing appropriate endorsements and gathering the product and ancillary documents for delivery to customers, and appropriate departments - the closing department, our attorney for document drafting, and other firms for further action. Team members include:  Marilyn Kurtz, Lorie Anderson, Diane Goree, Sue Stoltz, and Kathern Mackiewicz.

Runkel Closing Team

Once all of the terms and conditions of the real estate sales contract have been met, the real estate transaction may be "closed."  Runkel is responsible for hundreds of closings each year, and brings years of experience together with the latest technology to the closing table.  During the closing process, loan documents are signed, money is exchanged and the deed is delivered, and Runkel's closing team is responsible for such transactions during both purchases and refinances.  Runkel's team of experts coordinates the involved parties, documents, the funds, as well as clearing the title of any defects shown in the title commitment, so that the parties can be assured items required are ready at the closing.

Team members include: Melissa Kriewalt, Cindy Miller, Rebecca Pilgrim, Katrina Thurs, Sara Wolf, and Deann Zobrak

Runkel Finals Team

After closing, and once all the necessary documents have been properly executed and recorded or filed, final policies or title reports can be issued.  The professionals in the final department work directly with lenders and attorneys to uncover any missing documentation and review what data has been collected to issue final policies.  Timely issuance of policies is important as financial institutions keep their files tidy for their examiners.  Additionally, not all policies are created equal, and final policies can be customized with additional coverages added - this is especially true for commercial ventures.  The Final Team works with the parties to be sure all required additional coverages have been given through endorsements.

Team members include:  Diane Lenar and Sue TerMaat

Runkel Legal Team

Having professionals review and assist parties in real estate transactions is important, and Runkel Abstract & Title Co. has a long history of working and coordinating efforts with the accounting and law firms, and individual accountants and attorneys in the area.  Whether working together on a large commercial closing, or assisting to streamline and expedite the residential closings and title process, Runkel Abstract & Title Co. has an attorney and an assistant on staff to complement both your team of professionals, and our Runkel professionals.

Team members: Cindy Miller and Rebecca Pilgrim